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AUTOID Ring scanner

designed for high workload of indoor applications

AUTOID Ring scanner is designed for high workload of indoor applications, it helps workers to free their hands while carrying goods, to raise working efficiency, and decrease labor intensity.

Characteristics and advantage:

The ring scanner weighs only 48g, 39mm thickness, very portable; ergonomic and non-slip design, suitable for long-time wearing.

local storage:

Built-in local storage can reach up to 100,000 datas. Switching automatically to local storage when Bluetooth is disconnected, which ensures that there is no loss of data. Local data can be up loaded in real time through Bluetooth or by U flash disk.

Long working life of battery:

MicroUSB standard charging port, 500mAH lithium polymer battery, low-power design, can assure 8 hours continuous working.

Extension of applications:

20m transmission distance free space, widely support various electronic products and operating systems.

Rapid scanning:

Equip with MotoSE955 1D scan engine, adapted to high-intensity scanning applications.

Stable connection:

Bluetooth connection is fast and stable, has automatic prompt for disconnection, supports SPP/HID/BLE multiple connection modes.

Multiple alert modes:

Notification of multiple colors LED and warning buzzer after a successful scanning, the information’s interactive commands could have good communication with the host computer through multiple indicator lights and buzzer status.

Industrial grade protection:

1.5m drop tested, IP64, meet the requirements of applications in multiple severe environments.

Operating system(OS):Can be connected with the Android, IOS Windows and other intelligent operating system to use
RAM:2MB, built to store 100,000 data
ROM:2MB, built to store 100,000 data
User storage space:none
User memory expansion:none

Notice:Sound, vibration, LED indicator light
Display type:none
Touch screen:none
LED backlight:none
Keyboard option:Scan key, reset key
Audio options:Built-in buzzer

Drop specifications:1.5m (concrete)
Seal protection grade:IP64
Humidity:5% to 95% RH non-condensing
Working temperature:-20℃ to + 50℃
Storage temperature:-20℃ to +60℃ (Battery included)
Electrostatic discharge(ESD):±12kV air discharge, ±6kV direct discharge
Earthquake resistance and impact resistance:none

Options 1.One dimensional laser scanning engine:(pls refer to attached)
Options 2.Two dimensional image engine:(pls refer to attached)
Options 3.RFID read/write:none
Options 4.GPS geographical position information acquisition:none
Options 5.Image acquisition:none
Options 6.Temperature measurement:none
Options 7.Fingerprint acquisition:none
Options 8.License acquisition:none

Options 1.Wireless LAN:none
Options 2.Wireless wide area network:none
Options 3.Wireless personal area network:Bluetooth 4.0 (Dual mode) (pls refer to attached)

Battery:Built-in 500mAh rechargeable lithium battery

The handheld equipment warranty:12 months since the date of delivery in the case of non-artificial damage

Universal adapter

USB Cable