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Infield High Intensity Barcode Scanning Handheld Collecting Terminal

AUTOID7P concentrates on Barcode scanning applications and wireless communications, designed for high intensity infield and outfield applications. It can endure 10 thousand times of Barcode scanning everyday. It has comfortable griping feelings, also very sturdy and durable. With the stable performance, it can be applied in the harsh environments like stereo garage, sorting center, logistic center, workshop, storage supply chain, ports, cold chain.

When facing the millions of goods in the warehouse, how to make every thing in order? How to find a better way to store, move and search goods? Intensity of data capturing is too high? Hands fatigue caused by too long time holding the device during working? Please leave these problems to AUTOID7P. You can rely on the high performance 1D laser scanning engine it configured, or the 2D imager scanning engine which supports wide ranges of Barcodes and has advantages in the invert colors Barcodes. It configured with ordinary Wi-Fi and Summit Wi-Fi what has double antenna design with better data transferring ability. Infrared is widely applied in the Meter Reading of Electronic Power Industry. It decreases the working intensity of staffs and improve the woking efficiency. It also optimizes the processes of this work and sloves the arrival rate eventually.

Features and advantages:

Supports 1D/2D Barcode scanning engines: Best engine MOTO SE955 1D laser scanning engine, SE965 1D enhanced laser scanning engine, HoneyWell5100/MOTO SE4500 2D imager. They all can have the better performance can mee the high intensity capturing needs.

Experience of high performance Wi-Fi:

Uses the Summit Wi-Fi module with double antenna, it has best performance in various angles and orientations with longer transmisson distance.

Ergonomic design:

According to the ergonomic designs, it has unique slim small body, with the extra large gaps between keys, it can solve the hand fatigue casued by the long-time using. No matter the size of for the griping feels are both in the leading of industrial products.

Ergonomic design:

get the location information more quickly/precisely/timely. With the SiRFIV chip, it can boot more quickly with less power consumption, the performance of locating and navigating is better.

Supports Infrared function:

AUTOID7P supports Infrared function what is widely used in the Meter Reading of Electronic Power Industry. It decreases the working intensity of staffs and improve the woking efficiency. It also optimizes the processes of this work and sloves the arrival rate eventually. When the ammeter is in the sleeping model because of the power off, the infrared function can wake it to read the meters on time.

Stable OS to gurantee continuous work:

AUTOID7P supports Windows CE 6.0 which could meet all the requirements of software which are from different platforms and with different frames running and docking to all the industries.

High industrial protecting design:

Meets the standards of IP65 sealing rate, in the horrible weathers such as storm/sandy, it can work normally. Can endure multiple drops from 5ft/1.5m. Still has stable and reliable performance after 1000 times of 0.5m tumbles.

Anti-noise design:

With the combination of 97DB high decibel speaker, viberation, and LED flashing to warn, it can meet the needs of warning for various environments.

Operating system(OS):Microsoft Windows CE 6.0
Processor(CPU):Ti ARM CortexTM-A8 AM3715 1GHz
User storage space:none
User memory expansion:4GB (built-in and irremovable)

Size:Upper: 180mm(length)×66.6mm(width)×47.8mm(thickness)Bottom: 180mm(length)×56mm(width)×31mm(thickness)
Weight:330g±5g (Including battery depends on differs by configurations)
Notice:Voice prompt, Vibration, Charging indicator Barcode scanning light Battery cover status detect indicator
Display type:2.8” industrial color LCD, 65536 colors 240(W)×320(L) (QVGA)
Touch screen:Resistive touch
LED backlight:LED (buttons with backlit)
Keyboard option:29 Keys (standard) P+R materials
Audio options:Built-in loudspeaker, outside wired headset

Drop specifications:Multiple 5 ft./1.5m drops to concrete across the operating temperature range
Seal protection grade:IP65
Humidity:5% to 95% RH non-condensing
Working temperature:-20℃ to +50℃
Storage temperature:-40℃ to +60℃ (Battery included) -40℃ to +70℃ (Battery excluded)
Electrostatic discharge(ESD):±15KV air discharge, ±8KV direct discharging
Earthquake resistance and impact resistance:1,000 1.64 ft./0.5 m tumbles (2,000 impacts)

Options 1.One dimensional laser scanning engine:(pls refer to attached)
Options 2.Two dimensional image engine:(pls refer to attached)
Options 3.RFID read/write:none
Options 4.GPS geographical position information acquisition:none
Options 5.Image acquisition:none
Options 6.Temperature measurement:none
Options 7.Fingerprint acquisition:none
Options 8.License acquisition:none

Options 1.Wireless LAN:WIFI: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Options 2.Wireless wide area network:GPRS
Options 3.Wireless personal area network:Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)

Battery:Detachable 3.7V 2700Ah rechargeable Li-ion battery
Quick charge: 2700mAh/4 hours charge time
Charging port: special industrial-grade
Built-in backup battery: non-removable 3.7V/55mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery

The handheld equipment warranty:36 months since the date of delivery in the case of non-artificial damage

Hand Belt×1

USB Cable×1

Touch Pen×1

Hand Tether×1


Universal adapter×1

Single Battery Charger


Vehicle charger

Multifunctional fabric bag

Four Slot Battery Charger

Bluetooth printer and card reader

3600mAh large capacity battery

Ethernet cradle etc